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Getting A Fall Furnace Tune-Up in Greenville, IL

fall tune-up
fall furnace tune-up service available

With fall here, the days are getting shorter, the greenery is turning colors, and most important, it is getting colder. While there will be a day or two down the line where it feels nice out, it’s only going to get colder and you’re going to want your furnace on. Don’t go into the Fall weather without a working furnace. Here is why you should schedule a tune-up for your furnace in the fall in Greenville, IL.

A Tune-Up Can Make Sure That Your Furnace Works Optimally

Chances are you did not run your heater all summer long. After all what purpose would you have? Having it looked at after it has been sitting and doing nothing for so long is a great way to make sure it will be ready for when you need it most. Dust and debris that got in your heater over the summer may cause it to work improperly.

Extending Hears Lifetime

Having a fall tune-up on your heater is a great way to extend its life, just like anything your take good care of. Not taking care of your heater can cause it to have dust and dirt build-up which may cause damage to it or it may stop working completely. Once your heater is damaged beyond repair, you will have to look at getting a brand-new system installed which costs you more than what it would have cost you to keep it maintained.

Lowering Chances Your Heater Will Break Down

Having your heater looked at by a professional and tuned up will lower your odds of having your heater break down when you need it the most. While you might be able to tolerate the temperature now if your heater breaks down, just wait until those late Fall and Winter months. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your heater this time of year.

A Tune-Up Can Keep Your Utility Bills Down

When your heater is dirty and not working properly, it’s going to be working a lot harder. This means your heater is using more and more energy each time it runs. This adds up over time on your utility bill and you can end up spending money you could have saved by just having your heater tuned up before you needed it.

Ensuring Your Safety

If your furnace is not running properly, it could cause a carbon monoxide leak. These leaks can have a major impact on your well-being, causing nausea, hallucinations, and even death if left unchecked. Getting your furnace tuned up can prevent these leaks from happening to keep you and everyone you live with safe.

The Tune-Up Process

replacing air filter

When a professional is checking the heater in your home, there will be a couple of things they will always do and check for. Here are some regular things they may do:

  • Checking Your Vents: Professionals will check your vents for any blockages. These blockages can affect your furnace’s performance if they are not removed and they can also be a fire hazard. They will work to clean your vents if they need to.
  • Checking for Gas Leaks: Technicians will make sure there is no gas leaking in your home when they are tuning up your furnace. If they see there is a problem, they will do what they can to ensure the safety of you and those you live with. A gas leak can be terrible for your health.
  • Checking Your Thermostat: While working on your furnace, technicians will make sure that your thermostat is tuned correctly. If your thermostat is not working correctly it can impact how well the heater operates. Having it looked at with your tune-up can save you from high utility bills.

Wanting to have your furnace looked at this Fall before it gets cold? Call our team of professionals over at Neuhaus Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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