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The Consequences of Not Taking Care of Your Heating System in Jerseyville, IL

Heating System

Having a working heating system in your Jerseyville, IL home at this time of year is crucial. It can get chilly during the fall and once winter comes things start seriously getting cold. It’s important that you maintain your heating system, even in those summer months when you’re probably not even using it. Not taking proper care of your furnace is what may cause it to stop working. Typically, for every year your system is not serviced, it will lose around 5% of its overall efficiency. Here are some other things that may occur if you fail to take good care of your heating system.

AC repairs

Constant Repairing

One thing many people may not know is that a majority of the repairs their heating system may need are completely avoidable by simply taking proper care of it. When you have a professional perform maintenance on your heating system, they will be checking for any small repairs that need to be done. A lot of the time, these small repairs are simply from wear and tear over time. Say the lubricant on your motor bearings is wearing out. It would cost you less to have it fixed now than to have to replace your entire motor if it overheats. Having these small repairs done once they are noticed during maintenance will stop these problems from getting even worse over time, saving you time and money.

Unsafe to Operate Your Heating System

It’s exceptionally important to have maintenance done on your heating system if it is gas-powered. These types of furnaces are not inherently dangerous, however as they get older, the damage they suffer overtime time could lead to small crackers in the heat exchanger. This could leave you and the ones you live with exposed to dangerous carbon monoxide. It’s an odorless tasteless gas that can lead to fatal illnesses and injuries with enough exposure. If you have a gas-powered furnace, make sure you have it regularly serviced to prevent any danger. Make sure to also have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your Jerseyville, IL home as well.

Sudden Heating System Breakdowns

Don’t let your system break down on you during these colder months. Having your furnace serviced regularly will help reduce the strain and overtime wear and tear that your system will endure. This will ensure your system is less likely to break down. You would never want to be stuck on a partially cold day with an inoperable heating system. This is why it is important to have your heating system serviced even in the spring and summer months. While it may seem trivial to have your system serviced when you’re not even using it yet, it can save you time and effort when you need it the most.

Higher Utility Bills

servicing your heating system

If your heating system is not working how it should, it can have an effect on the cost of your utility bills. A poorly working system will often use more energy, wasting the money you could have just used to have your system serviced. Keep an eye on your utility bills and compare them with your neighbors if you think your heating system may be working improperly.

If you are looking for a company that can service the heating system in your Jerseyville, IL home and gets it ready for these colder months, give our expert team over at Neuhaus Heating and Cooling a call today. We are here to provide Jerseyville, IL and the surrounding areas with our many heating and cooling services. Our team of professionals has all the experience needed to keep you and the ones you live with warm.

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