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Ways of Keeping Your Home Nice and Cool on a Budget in Hillsboro, IL

Cooling Tips
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With the chance that your family is going to be home during the summer, expect your utility bills to go up. That extra water is used for everything from gardening to pools and electricity used for the air conditioner is going to cost you. Trying to relax but not spend too much on your bills this summer? Check out these budget-friendly ways to keep your Hillsboro, IL home as comfortable as possible. Your typical American family will spend somewhere between $300 and $600 every year on cooling. Some of these families, however, may not know that there are ways they can stay cool without having to install an entirely new AC unit. If you’re looking into trying out these new techniques, first consider the desires of your family. Some may find it too hot to sleep at night or are just frustrated with the heat during the day. What kind of techniques can you use to conquer the heat?

Your Windows

The windows in your home can be your best friend or your worst nightmare when trying to avoid the heat. During the day, try closing the blinds. Uncovered windows contribute to your home’s overall heat. At night, try opening your windows. Setting some fans up along with opening your windows can help you regulate the temperature in your home. Just remember to close your windows before it gets hot again the next morning.

Nightly Chores

If you have any chores that need to be done that will make use of your appliances like your vacuum or washing machine, wait to do it until night. The energy being used by these appliances will make your home hotter. Not only that, but your body temperature is not going to overheat as much since you will not be doing your chores when it’s hot.

Get a Counter-Clockwise Ceiling Fan

A majority of households have two functioning fans; one that spins clockwise, and the other one spins counter-clockwise. You typically use a clockwise one during the colder winter season. Fans that spin counterclockwise are used during the hotter summer season. The reason they spin in different directions is so they can control the wind flow. Clockwise fans will not send the air towards you, rather they send the air upwards. Counter-clockwise fans will blow the air down onto you. Knowing the difference can help you feel a lot cooler.

using a ceiling fan to keep a room cool during the summer

Closing Doors

Close any uninhabited rooms during the day. This will cut down on the amount of space your AC will cover, cooling your home faster. When the temperature is cooler at night, leave all your doors open so the cool air will circulate throughout the whole house.

Cooler Sleeping Techniques

If you are having a struggle trying to stay cool while trying to sleep at night, there are several easy changes you can make to help you cool off. As mentioned before, try to keep your windows open to let the cool air in and make use of your ceiling fan. You can also try switching to cotton bed sheets as they are a lot lighter and don’t have as much heat-absorbing material. If all else fails you could even try taking a cold shower. It will barely increase your water heater bill, and it will help you refresh after sweating all day long.

Picking the Ideal Temperature

Its recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees during the summer and use fans as extra support while wearing appropriate clothing. It might still seem too high for you, but anything around 75 degrees or hotter is the most energy effect.

If you need some help trying to stay cool in the hot summer weather, give our team over at Neuhaus Heating and Cooling a call today. We provide a number of different cooling system services.

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