Common Causes for Your Hillsboro, IL Air Conditioning to Run Non-Stop

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If your air conditioner seems to be constantly running, then a number of problems could be occurring. However, we at Neuhaus Heating & Air Conditioning have your back. Some of the issues that can arise are not always bad, because they allow you to see any possible issues in your home or with your unit […]

Is your Condensate Drain Line in your Holiday Shores Home Clogged?

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Summer, especially in the Holiday Shores, IL area, is always humid. This humidity however could be creating some costly water damage to your home. If your home has a clogged condensate drain line, this can cause some major issues down the road. This line can be backed up with things like buildup of rust or […]

Hearing noises from your Staunton home’s AC and what could be happening.

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Air conditioning units today are a lot quieter than they used to be. Most of the newer AC units are using sound-dampening technology as well as two-stage compressors. This is to make sure that the noise level is below 55 decibels. This technology prevents you typically from hearing noises, so if you start to hear […]

Getting the Most Out Of Your Jerseyville, IL Air Filter

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The air inside of your Jerseyville, IL home is very important. Not many of us think about the air quality in our home until we end up sneezing and or coughing due to dust, pollen, and other things that have started to circulate throughout the home when filters aren’t doing their jobs. With this in […]

Why Choose a Mini-Split Pump For Your Hillsboro IL Home

Mini Split System HVAC

Why A Mini-Split Heat Pump System is the Best Solution for Your Home Mini-Splits have shown true potential in many different parts of the United States as the perfect home heating and cooling solution. Heat pump technology has improved where systems can withstand many severe climates, providing warmth when we need it in harsh winters […]

Why is the air conditioner at my Greenville, IL home blowing warm air?

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Air conditioning units are supposed to supply a gentle cool breeze to your home. If you notice the air coming from your air conditioner is warm, the following tips could help you figure out what the problem is. Before you call an a/c repair service in Greenville, IL, check your system for these common air […]

Ways to lower energy costs this summer at your Jerseyville, IL home

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Here’s what you can do to help offset those summer energy costs It’s April in Jerseyville, IL, which means summer will be upon us soon. However, while we may be carried away with visions of summer fun, it’s important to remember that you’ll have to keep your home at a comfortable temperature when it’s rising […]

Spring checklist for the HVAC system at your Gillespie, IL home

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Here are a few things that you can check on your own for your HVAC system It’s March in Gillespie, IL, which means we’re waiting on the warmer weather to awaken us from a long, cold winter. However, with warmer weather comes the necessity of your air conditioning system, especially as Spring turns into Summer. […]

How do I change my air filter?

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Here’s how you can change your air filter The first step in changing your air filter is to determine where it is. It’s usually located near the blower on the indoor furnace unit. Next, determine what type of air filter it is. Some systems utilize washable air filters that don’t need to be replaced, just […]