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Why Should You Schedule a Spring Tune-Up on Your Jerseyville, IL AC Unit?

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Spring is officially here, and for the Jerseyville, IL area, that usually means warmer weather. With rising temperatures, many homeowners are beginning to turn on their ac units. This can go wrong if it is done without getting an inspection, maintenance checkup, or cleaning done.  Not only will this end up costing you in the long run, but it can also cause increased damage to your system & make it inefficient.  Luckily, our team at Neuhaus Heating & Air Conditioning is able to help you with a spring tune-up for your home AC unit.

spring HVAC tune-up services

Reasons Why Getting A Tune-Up is Beneficial

Improve Efficiency: The heating & cooling process makes up around 48% of a homeowner’s average utility costs. This is why it is vital that you make sure your system is at its peak efficiency, otherwise, you may have to deal with a higher utility bill.

Prevent Future Costly Issues: When an HVAC professional is performing an air conditioner tune-up, they inspect all of the different parts of your unit. This includes the condenser coils, electrical connections, motors, compressors, refrigerants, and more. If they see a potential issue, they can either fix the problem or if the problem is larger than expected, they can work with you to get it properly repaired. Having a trained eye helps our professional team spot any possible problems that could arise with your system. It would be more beneficial to identify and fix a problem now before it becomes too hot.

Keeping Your System Running Longer: An air conditioner’s lifespan depends on how it is installed and how it is maintained. A well-maintained system should last between 15 and 20 years, however, this can all depend on how well you take care of your unit.

What Occurs During an AC Unit Tune-Up?

Clean or Replace Air Filters: If your AC unit has filters that are reusable, the professional will clean out dirt and dust that have accumulated from the winter months. If you are using a replaceable filter, then the professional will switch these out for you, if you are able to supply the correct filter for your unit. Cleaning or replacing your system’s filters should be done every 1-3 months in order to keep your system running efficiently so that it does not have to work harder than it should.

AC unit tune-up from professional HVAC contractors

Clean Condenser Coils: Even though changing the filter is a great way to prevent any build-up on your condenser coils, they still can accumulate dirt. A professional will clean your coils during a scheduled tune-up. Dirty coils can stop the condenser from absorbing heat. Which can even cause the coil to end up failing. You can help lessen the amount of buildup that can get on your coils by removing debris from around your unit.

If your home AC unit is in need of a spring tune-up, contact our team of professionals at Neuhaus Heating & Air Conditioning today!.

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