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Protecting Your Hillsboro, IL Heat Pump in the Wintertime

With being in the high of wintertime, it is very important to make sure that your Hillsboro, IL home’s heat pump is protected, to keep yourself and your family warm during the winter storms, and colder weather. Having your system break right when you need it the most can be a horrible problem to have. You want to make sure that it is working in the best ways so that you never have to worry about this happening. The last thing that you want to do at night is to be under five blankets and be able to see your breath from how cold it is. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, continue reading on!

wintertime heat pump maintenance

Covering Your Heat Pump

One thing that you should do is create or purchase a cover or canopy. It is important to not cover the heat pump directly, as it can greatly affect the airflow needed for your unit to function properly. This will also help prevent any damage to the outside of your unit, that you wouldn’t be able to control,

Cleaning your Unit

After a big snowstorm does hit, it is important to clear as much snow as possible from your outdoor unit. Continuing to keep your pump free of any excess debris and or snow will help avoid ice build-up. If this happens too much over time, your unit will break and you will be left feeling like you’re living in an igloo.

Paying Attention to the Defrost Cycle

If you are noticing a thin layer of frost that is covering your heat pump, don’t be alarmed. When the heat pump detects a shift in the unit temperature, it switches to defrost mode. For a very short period of time, the heat is concentrated on the outdoor unit to melt the frost or ice. This is why you may feel colder air in your home that lasts for about fifteen minutes, If you notice however that the heat hasn’t kicked back on yet after some time, this might mean that there is too much build-up, and you should call a specialist to come help with the problem.

Heat Pump Service Checks

servicing heat pump during the wintertime

Just like your car, or any system in your home, no matter how well you take care of it, there will be problems that occur just from the fact of wear and tear, and age of the system. Having regular check-ins as you do for your teeth or your own health is crucial when it comes to your heating system. You want to make sure that someone who is skilled in this area can come to check your unit out. They will find things that you yourself haven’t yet, and help with any problems that you wouldn’t have noticed just from this not being your area of practice.

If you need heat pump servicing or other HVAC services, give our team at Neuhaus Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!

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