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Commercial HVAC contractors know that it is considered good business to have answers to any questions that customers may ask. This includes questions about innovative systems that are coming on the market now. Businesses and homeowners in the Litchfield, IL area who research new technology in the heating & cooling industry have questions that they will need an expert HVAC contractor to answer.

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The current innovations in technology have made it hard to imagine what could surpass the quiet ambient radiant heating and cooling systems. When comparing these to furnaces and boilers that hiss, and air pumping systems that force air through vents and ductwork, which end up turning on and off, these seem like the better deal.  This is due to the silence of hot or cold water that regulates temperature through the strong polyurethane piping.  Usually located underneath tile, marble, or wood flooring in your home or business. You will not fully appreciate it until you experience it firsthand.

Commercial air conditioning in the Litchfield, IL area features energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that use the entire floor to provide and monitor room temperature instead of using small vents just blowing air. This helps maintain a comfortable ambiance for an entire room. These spaces have a tranquil and quiet aura. Professional HVAC contractors have the skill and knowledge beyond the aesthetics of radiant, electric, and hydronic floor systems. They can show you which of them is more energy-efficient for your particular business. Thermostats are also able to be regulated by smartphones, computers, or other third-party automation systems.

What Your HVAC Contractor Should Know:

Our technicians at Neuhaus Heating and Air Conditioning have researched, studied, and completed installations on all three innovative HVAC radiant systems. They are specifically qualified to advise clients on the benefits of each system. There are also two methods of installing a radiant system, dry and wet installations, which can accommodate different-sized floor applications.

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Building owners need the proper advice when it comes to the materials, installation, and operating costs. As well as the building standards and the energy efficiency that these systems provide. Your commercial HVAC contractor will have every detail and can provide you with estimates for any project, big or small.

Experienced and Reliable

Neuhaus Heating and Air Conditioning is a reliable commercial and resident HVAC contractor that is motivated by the goal of helping provide top-quality service to our customers. Their dedicated employees strive to provide top-of-the-line customer service, as well as impeccable repair and installation services. That is the advantage of using a highly trained HVAC contractor company. For more information, make sure to give us a call today!

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