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Do You Have Furnace Problems this Winter in Greenville, Illinois?


As the days get shorter and the nights become longer, we start to notice that the weather outside is getting even colder. Something Greenville, IL homeowners love is coming home and out of that strict cold and into a warm and cozy home. One thing that we take for granted is having a home that is nice and cozy. When it’s not, however, it becomes a huge problem. We don’t want you to spend the winter season freezing and huddled under mountains of blankets. If you are having furnace problems, or need to know when it is time to get yourself a new furnace, or repair one at least, continue reading on.

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The Telltale Signs of Furnace Problems

There can be different ways to spot if your furnace is on the path of a breakdown. These signs can be unseen if someone isn’t exactly on the lookout for what the problem is. The last thing that we want to happen to you and your family is realizing that there are furnace issues before it is too late. By knowing these signs, you can call a repairman sooner, and get the job done before your teeth start chattering.

Hearing Strange Noises

One sign that you will be able to spot is hearing odd noises coming from your furnace. If you aren’t sure what to listen for, think of it this way. Do you normally hear your furnace throughout the day when it is on? If the answer is no, then this is something that you will be able to spot. If you hear any screeching sounds, humming, popping, or banging, these could be huge problems. Be sure to call your local HVAC team as soon as possible.

Strange Smells

Another sign that you will be able to pin out is something smelly coming from your vent. If you are smelling anything burning or out of the ordinary, this is a sign that your furnace is not working properly. Since this is the case, you need to call a repairman as soon as possible. Inhaling those glasses for too long can be a huge issue. Make sure you get this taken care of right away.

You Can’t Feel Any Heat From the Furnace

A person changing an air filter on a high efficiency furnace

The last thing that you want to happen is to turn the heat on and nothing happens. When you get home from a long day and turn on your heat, it may take a second to feel. However, if you never feel any warmth in your home, something could be off with your system. If this is the case, you will want to get it fixed right away. Not only is your furnace working extra hard and not showing any signs of heat, but it is also using more energy as well.

If any of these issues are surfacing in your home, give our team at Neuhaus Heating & Cooling a call today. With the holidays coming up, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Leave it to our team to help you out!

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