Why You Should Avoid DIY Furnace Repair on Your Jerseyville, IL Home


Your Jerseyville, IL home’s furnace is responsible for assisting in keeping your home comfortable when the temperature drops outside. The only issue is that these systems can break down for a number of reasons. When your furnace needs a repair make sure to call your local technician to get the best results. If you try […]

Why Homeowners in Gillespie, IL Buy Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

geothermal system

Owning a home is one of the most liberating stages of a person’s life. You are able to paint the walls, hang up pictures, and turn your music up without your downstairs neighbors banging on your floor. Even though there are so many positives, there are still some downsides. On average homeowners can spend around […]

Common Causes for Your Hillsboro, IL Air Conditioning to Run Non-Stop

Air Conditioning

If your air conditioner seems to be constantly running, then a number of problems could be occurring. However, we at Neuhaus Heating & Air Conditioning have your back. Some of the issues that can arise are not always bad, because they allow you to see any possible issues in your home or with your unit […]

Is your Condensate Drain Line in your Holiday Shores Home Clogged?

drain line

Summer, especially in the Holiday Shores, IL area, is always humid. This humidity however could be creating some costly water damage to your home. If your home has a clogged condensate drain line, this can cause some major issues down the road. This line can be backed up with things like buildup of rust or […]

Hearing noises from your Staunton home’s AC and what could be happening.

HVAC System

Air conditioning units today are a lot quieter than they used to be. Most of the newer AC units are using sound-dampening technology as well as two-stage compressors. This is to make sure that the noise level is below 55 decibels. This technology prevents you typically from hearing noises, so if you start to hear […]

Tips to Prep Your Air Conditioner In Litchfield IL

air conditioning

Prepping Your Air Conditioner For The Summer: We are well into spring which means summer is coming just around the corner. Pretty soon if you have not already. People all around the Midwest will be using their AC’s on full blast to keep their homes as comfortable as possible. However, with the weather getting warmer […]

What Is The True Difference Between Furnaces and a Heat Pump?


During colder months, your home needs to keep you and your family toasty safe and warm from the weather outside. Homeowners are always interested in purchasing the best heating systems for meeting household needs. In general, there are two top options that people have access to, which are a heat pump and furnaces. With both […]

Getting the Most Out Of Your Jerseyville, IL Air Filter

Air Filter

The air inside of your Jerseyville, IL home is very important. Not many of us think about the air quality in our home until we end up sneezing and or coughing due to dust, pollen, and other things that have started to circulate throughout the home when filters aren’t doing their jobs. With this in […]

It Might Be Time to Replace Your Gillespie, IL Home’s HVAC System

HVAC System

Let’s face it, when it comes to our home, we usually are not thinking about when it should be the best time to change our HVAC system. This is something that completely gets put on the back burning without question. For most people in the Gillespie, IL area, this is something that isn’t even questioned […]

Why Choose a Mini-Split Pump For Your Hillsboro IL Home

Mini Split System HVAC

Why A Mini-Split Heat Pump System is the Best Solution for Your Home Mini-Splits have shown true potential in many different parts of the United States as the perfect home heating and cooling solution. Heat pump technology has improved where systems can withstand many severe climates, providing warmth when we need it in harsh winters […]