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Is your Condensate Drain Line in your Holiday Shores Home Clogged?

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Summer, especially in the Holiday Shores, IL area, is always humid. This humidity however could be creating some costly water damage to your home. If your home has a clogged condensate drain line, this can cause some major issues down the road. This line can be backed up with things like the buildup of rust or algae, debris, and dirt.  

If you are curious as to what a condensate drain line is, it is an essential part of your air conditioning unit. This line helps remove excess water that drips off the inside of your AC unit. This is a similar concept to what happens when a glass of water becomes wet on the outside. The air conditioner removes humid air from your home and uses a system that sends the humid air to the evaporator cells. This forms water droplets due to the condensation process.

air conditioner has been properly installed and is cooling on a hot day

Why does this issue matter

If your drain line were to become backed up, all the water would be stuck and would have nowhere to go. This can cause issues such as water damage, and damage to electrical components if water drips on them, and it would create an area for bacteria, mold, and mildew to thrive.

Signs of having a clogged drain line

A common feature in most homes is that they have a secondary drain line that only drips if your main line is clogged. This drain line is typically located near your attic or roof. If you see this line leaking, then it is a sign that your mainline has become clogged.  If both lines happen to be clogged, however, then you will notice that water may begin leaking from your ceiling. This is because the water gets sent to your air handler or an indoor coil which is commonly located in the attic. If this starts to happen, please call your local air conditioning and HVAC professionals to unclog the drain lines for you.

Preventative tips for your condensate drain line

To prevent your drain line from becoming clogged there are several steps you can take. These will ensure you do not have water damage down the road.

  • Installing a Safety Switch

Installing a safety switch on your condensate drain line is a smart idea. This switch automatically shuts off your AC unit if the line becomes clogged. This will help you avoid costly water damage.

  • Drain lines properly placed

Water naturally flows downhill, so you need to make sure that your drain lines are properly placed going downhill. This will prevent the water from dripping in the wrong direction. Also, make sure that you do not store items on top of the drain line, this can cause a build-up of its own, which causes water damage later.

Air Conditioning Repair with Pressure Gauge and Air Purifier
  • Annual Maintenance

You should schedule an annual air conditioning unit maintenance appointment. During your appointment, the technician checks your drain line to see if it is not clogged. This is something we recommend so that in case there is an issue, a professional will be the one looking at your drain line.

Some of these issues, if they go ignored, could make a simple fix turn into a more significant problem that could put your whole HVAC system at risk. If you have any further questions about your air conditioning unit, contact us at Neuhaus Heating and Air Conditioning.

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