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Tips to Prep Your Air Conditioner In Litchfield IL

Tips to Prep Your Air Conditioner In Litchfield IL

Prepping Your Air Conditioner For The Summer:

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We are well into spring which means summer is coming just around the corner. Pretty soon if you have not already. People all around the Midwest will be using their AC’s on full blast to keep their homes as comfortable as possible. However, with the weather getting warmer and your AC possibly not being in the best condition, this could make or break your summer. If this is the case, it is time to schedule an HVAC tune-up with one of our experts. Having your air conditioner tuned up can make a massive difference for your household, and we have different reasons why.

– It increases the quality of your air.

– Your AC will use less energy to keep you cool.

– Less energy means lower bills for your home.

– Prevents costly air conditioner problems during the hotter times of the year. (Especially since this is when your AC is working the hardest.)

– Extends the life of your air conditioning system.

What Will An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Include? 

Your air conditioner tune-up will include different components that will benefit your system and not break the bank.

– Lubricating the parts of the system that move. (The fan or motor.)

– Tighten the electrical connections.

– Cleans and inspects essential components for possible damage.

– Inspecting your ductwork for possible leaks.

– Testing the electric control of your air conditioner to ensure it cycles appropriately.

– Measuring the level of refrigerant and checking for leaks.

– Inspecting the coil for scale and grime.

– Inspecting the terminals and wires for corrosion and rust.

– Measure the airflow of your system.

– Flush the condensate drain to prevent clogs.

Steps You Can Take

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Along with getting your air conditioner professionally tuned up, there are several things that you will be willing to take that you can do to help your air conditioner to keep you comfortable all summer long while also lowering its cooling load.

Inspect Your Air Conditioner’s, Air Filter: 

When your filter is clogged and can no longer see the filter material, you should replace it with a clean filter. A dirty air filter allows dust buildup inside of your system and restricts airflow. Therefore, a clean filter is essential for efficiency and comfort in improving your indoor air quality.

Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean:  

Make sure to hose down the outdoor unit every month. If there is dirt on the coil and debris trapped in the metal fins, this can interfere with the heat exchange and restrict the specific airflow. Clean the inside of the unit clean to prevent dust from entering the system. If debris clogs the condensate pan, this can result in water backing up and shutting down your system.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fans: 

Take a moment to turn on the ceiling fans in occupied rooms to create airflow that will make you feel cooler. Be sure to turn them off when you leave a room since they only cool us off and not the room itself.

Keep Shades Drawn: 

Try to keep your shades drawn during the hottest part of the day to help combat heat gain, which can heat your rooms quickly and make your air conditioner work overtime.

With these steps, you will keep up these regular tune-ups to help improve how long your air conditioner will last. If you have yet to get your system checked, or if it has been a while, give us a call to book an appointment today!

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