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Getting the Most Out Of Your Jerseyville, IL Air Filter

Air Filter

The air inside of your Jerseyville, IL home is very important. Not many of us think about the air quality in our home until we end up sneezing and or coughing due to dust, pollen, and other things that have started to circulate throughout the home when filters aren’t doing their jobs. With this in mind, what can you do to keep the inside of your home clear of these pollutants while maintaining fresh and clean air? The simple answer is to make sure our air filter is clean.

All HVAC units have built-in air filters to purify the air that is in your home. Most of these certain processes need to be maintained by professionals, but there are also very easy tactics that you can also use to keep the air that is in your home as healthy as possible.

The air filter that is in your home is the first defense against any potentially harmful pollution coming through your air vents. They are behind the air vent and are very important. And to be able to keep airflow the best as possible in your home, here are a couple of tips to get the most out of your home air filters.

House air filter close-up

Getting the Right Kind Of Air Filter.

There are different choices for a filter that you are able to use in your home. An HVAC system’s manufacturer will have instructions on the certain type of filter to use and tell you the size of filter that you need. There are many different types of air filters and they have to match your vent. Since this is the case, you can measure your certain air intake to give the proper size of your filter if you simply can’t find the manufacturer’s guidelines of your certain HVAC system.

Changing the Filter Every 60 to 90 Days:

Dirty air filters are essentially going to do the exact opposite of what you typically want. Dust and other particles are going to simply build up on the outside of your vent over the course of time.

A layer of dust could disrupt your filter which will then make it difficult for your system to show proper airflow. This can also put unnecessary strain on your system.

Since air vents tend to get clogged, check your filter to see if it is dirty. This can be so easy to overlook. An average time to check your filter must be every 60 days with pets in the home or 90 without. The reason behind this is that your filter will clog faster from your pet’s fur that filters throughout the air.

Frequent Cleanings:

It is not uncommon that your air filter is going to pick up any different particles that are floating around your home. Since this is the case, you can always help your filtration system by minimizing the number of particles that are needed to be filtered out.

Having a clean home is the best way to make sure your air filter is working the best that it can. Sweeping your floors, vacuuming, and dusting are ways that you are able to keep your air filter from getting clogged. You also should be cleaning the vents throughout your home. Any reduction in particles in the air will help your system run in the best way that it can.

technician cleaning air conditioner indoors

Have Your HVAC System Looked at By A Professional

As transparent as possible, having someone come to look at your system is the best way to keep it in working order. Here at Neuhaus, we are here to help in any way that we can. Need us to look over your system? Call us today!

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