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Why Choose a Mini-Split Pump For Your Hillsboro IL Home

Mini Split System HVAC

Why A Mini-Split Heat Pump System is the Best Solution for Your Home

Mini-Split Pump has shown true potential in many different parts of the United States as the perfect home heating and cooling solution. Heat pump technology has improved where systems can withstand many severe climates, providing warmth when we need it in harsh winters and cool air during long and hot summers. They also save energy year-round!

mini-split pump hillsboro illinois

When looking into purchasing a mini-split heat pump, they can replace a primary heating system or it can act as an add-on to the one that you already have. They are great for your entire home! They’re also a great way to control temperatures in individual rooms of your house.

To convince you that a mini heat pump could be your new excellent purchase, here are some reasons as to why.

Easy Installation

Mini Split Heat Pump systems consist of two main parts- a condenser for the outside of your home, as well as the air handlers that provide air and heat and the exact times that you want them. Typically, ductwork is not required, this makes installation relatively easy and unobtrusive.

efficient heating and cooling hillsboro illinois

Efficient Heating and Cooling

Rather than burning fuel to generate heat, a mini-split system uses electricity to move heat, this can be like how a refrigerator works, which requires less energy than generating heat directly. In the winter, the condenser will pull heat from the outside to then be brought into your home. Mini-split systems also do not experience the heat loss that occurs in systems with ducts and vents, where the heat can escape. Not to mention the increase of savings and money in your wallet will be noticeable.

Zone Temperature Control

Placing a few air handlers in different rooms throughout your home will give you the ability to create individual zones to heat or cool. That can mean you can keep your living room as cozy as you want without it burning up the house.

For these reasons alone, we hope that you consider replacing or even adding a mini-split heat pump to your homes. With this being cost-effective, easy for installation, and efficient, we know that this will be one of the best deals your family could make. Questions about installation or on heat pumps alone, visit our heating page or give us a call today! We are more than happy to help you with any arrange of questions that you may have

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