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Why is the air conditioner at my Greenville, IL home blowing warm air?

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Air conditioning units are supposed to supply a gentle cool breeze to your home. If you notice the air coming from your air conditioner is warm, the following tips could help you figure out what the problem is. Before you call an a/c repair service in Greenville, IL, check your system for these common air conditioning maintenance issues.

thermostat greenville il

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Set your thermostat to “auto” and place your hand in front of the vent to see whether the air coming out is cool or warm. If the thermostat is set to “on,” the HVAC system will blow out the air even when it is not being cooled. Before you call an a/c maintenance service, check you have the right settings on your thermostat.

changing air filter greenville il

Blocked Filter

Dirty filters are one of the most common air conditioning maintenance issues. When filters become clogged with dust, dirt, pet hair, or pollen, they can block the flow of air through your air conditioning system. Check the filters in your air conditioner and clean or replace them to allow the air to flow freely.

Disconnected Ducts

Check the ducts that deliver the air-cooled by your air conditioning system to your home. If the ducts are broken, or the connections are loose, the system may draw in warm air from your crawlspace and blow it into your living space.

Broken Electrical Supply

If all the parts of your air conditioner involved in circulating air around your home are working well, the problem may be with the electrical supply to the exterior unit. Check for tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses. Resetting these circuits may get your air conditioner working again. However, you should still call an air conditioning repair service to check for electrical faults, as these can be dangerous to deal with on your own.

If you need help working out why the air that is coming out of your A/C unit is warm, call us in Greenville, IL. We can figure out what the problem is and quickly repair it, allowing you to enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home environment.

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