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Preparing Your Furnace For Winter in Hillsboro, Illinois

winter furnace repair hillsboro il

How to Prepare Your Furnace for a Winter Storm

winter furnace maintenance hillsboro illinois

Old Man Winter is bearing down; the forecast looks grim, and you’re wondering how you can best prepare your heating system for the upcoming winter storm. Preparing ahead of time can ensure that your furnace is functioning at top capacity for the troubling cold ahead while also reducing your energy bills, reducing usage, and maybe even extending your HVAC’s lifespan a bit.

Seasonal Maintenance

When your mother told you that prevention was key, she was on to something. Well in advance of a forecast for bad weather hitting the airwaves, you should invariably call out your HVAC technician for a seasonal maintenance appointment—each spring and each fall. This ensures that your furnace is up to snuff and ready when the mercury plummets. Schedule your service call in advance, because it can take a few weeks to get an appointment during peak times.

changing your filter in hillsboro illinois

Change the Filter

Dirty filters cannot do the same job as clean ones, and they make your HVAC work harder. That’s not to mention the increase in energy bills and the dirty air your family has to breathe when the filter is dirty. Change your filter per the recommendations of your HVAC manufacturer or more often if you have pets or kids.

Clean Your Air Vents

Keep your air vents clean, and have your ductwork cleaned every three to five years. Don’t position furniture or other large items in front of vents; this restricts airflow throughout your room, making your furnace work harder.

Keep a Check on The Top of Your Heat Pump

If ice or snow accumulates on top of your unit, clear them off right away. Packed on ice and snow can really affect the performance of your furnace and may ultimately damage your unit.

Consider Replacing Your Old, Inefficient Unit

If your furnace is old—even 10 years old—it may be time for an energy-efficient upgrade. If you are noticing higher energy bills, your furnace is acting funny or requiring frequent servicing or replacement parts, or if it no longer keeps your home as warm as it used to, now may be the time to get a new one.

Winter storms are difficult enough; if your heating system is not up to par, things can go south quickly. Keep your Hillsboro, IL, HVAC technician on speed dial for help not just in preparing your heating system for upcoming bad weather, but for emergency service if something goes wrong after the storm sets in.

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