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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade the Heating System

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If you’re holding on to your old HVAC heating system, hoping to squeeze one last season or two out of it before biting the bullet and replacing it, then you’re not alone. Most homeowners forego a new, more efficient system to try to save some cold, hard cash. But the truth is that ignoring the need for a replacement may be costing you more in the way of repairs and energy wasted. Let’s look at some of the signs it’s time for an upgrade to your heating system or a new furnace.

is your heating system making too much noise?

It’s Acting and Sounding Funny

If you’ve been noticing some weird noises or unusual sounds coming from your heating or HVAC system, then you may need to have it replaced. Listen for clanking, squeaking, or rumbling noises; this can indicate at a very minimum the need for a service call. While the problem may be something small, such as an ignition problem, the need for the pilot lot to be adjusted, or friction from wear and tear, it can also indicate something more ominous and potentially hazardous. The expense of making repair after repair can take its toll, so consider a replacement to a newer unit.

is your heating system old?

It’s Old

If you have an HVAC that is 10 years old or older, then it may be time for a new heating system. Older systems are inefficient; some may be up to 70 percent less efficient than newer models. The savings you can achieve with a modern system when it comes to energy costs can be astounding. And in some cases, an upgrade is tax-deductible.

is your heating system causing too much humidity?

You’re Experiencing Humidity Problems

Leaking ductwork and old, ill-functioning HVAC equipment can cause a myriad of humidity issues, some of which can lead to mold problems in walls, wood floors, and other woodwork. Your home may be too humid in the warm months and too dry in the cold months. This can be remedied with a new furnace installation or heating system.

is your heating system providing sporadic heating and cooling?

Your Home is Dusty, and Some Rooms Are Too Cold or Hot

Ductwork may be to blame. Leaky ductwork causes dust problems. And old, inefficient ductwork can lead to poor distribution of air and the telltale hot room, cold room scenario. A new system with new ductwork can make your home more comfortable and the air you breathe much cleaner.

See your local Staunton, IL, HVAC company for a new furnace installation or heating system install

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