About Us

Neuhaus Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.  is proud to celebrate its 30th year in business. The Litchfield, Illinois business is owned and run by brothers, Brad and Todd Neuhaus. We continue to serve and appreciate our customers, as do our 15 employees. Read testimonies from actual customers throughout the website.

We pride ourselves on staying current with service, technology and energy efficiency, giving us an edge in the business. We also belong to a number of industry organizations, including IGSPA – Institute for Ground Source Heat Pump Association; GAOI – Geo Alliance of Illinois and EGIA – Electric & Gas Industries Association. Membership and involvement in these organizations provides us with continuing education, training and certification in the field.

Ultimately, it’s you, our customers who make us who we are. In fact, that’s why we work so hard. We enjoy making you our number one priority. We want to provide you with programs and services that make your life easier, safe and comfortable, including:

  • Proactive scheduling
  • Repair discount
  • Reduced emergency situations
  • Equipment repairs
  • Reduced utilities
  • Improved capacity
  • Inflation protection
  • Extended life
  • Density service
  • Off peak discounts
  • Payment options